Typhoon Chaba hits Hong Kong and the south of China
The Hong Kong Observatory downgraded the No 3 typhoon warning signal to No 1 at 2.10 pm on Sunday as local winds brought by Chaba stabilised. Typhoon Chaba thrashed Hong Kong and brought heavy rain and violent winds to many districts in the city on Saturday. A tornado hit Fuyang Town of Chaozhou City in south China's Guangdong Province on Saturday morning, causing power outages, uprooting trees and damaging factory buildings. No casualty has been reported so far. The tornado wrecked havoc for about five minutes. Its damage path was about one to two kilometers with a width of 50 to 80 meters. The maximum wind speed was captured at 11.7 m/s, a wind force of 6 grade. The losses from the disaster are being calculated while rescue and relief operations are still underway to help the affected businesses resume production.