Penny Pincher!
Talented first violinist with the local orchestra, François Gautier, 40ish, has one major flaw. He's a penny pincher. He times himself under the shower, which he takes cold, of course. He uses the streetlights to illuminate the rooms of his house. He watches the neighbor's TV through binoculars. He prepares exact lengths of toilet paper for future use. François has no social life. His only friend is his bank manager. Buying drinks for colleagues in the orchestra nearly kills him. Inviting a lady to dinner is torture. But the new cellist Valérie doesn't see François the penny pincher, she hears and falls for François the virtuoso violoncellist And then Laura, 16, walks into François's life and announces she is his daughter. She thinks her father is the wealthy benefactor of a children's charity in Mexico. Now François has one major flaw and two major problems: Valérie and Laura both love him for what he is not. François plays along but a single slip could cost him very, very dear...
Duration:1h 29min
Release date :2016
  • Fred Cavayé
  • Dany Boon
  • Laurence Arné
  • Noémie Schmidt