Shi Yom Rah Fell
After serving his sentence in Carandiru, one of the world's most vicious prisons, Tarek (Adel Karam) sets out to create a new life for himself in Brazil; a life like any normal person. Yet something within him was not satisfied. An urge to finish what is not yet complete drives him back to Lebanon. It was time for him to get back what he believed belonged to him from Mazen (Pierre Dagher) when coincidence unites him with three different women, each escaping her own reality. His plan starts to change directions as he finds satisfaction for his different needs with each of Sariah (Lorraine Kodeih), Tonie Maria (Joy Karam) and Elham (Elham Abi Rached).
Duration:1h 37min
Release date :2015
  • Layal Rajha
  • Adel Karam
  • Loren Kdeih
  • Pierre Dagher
  • Joy Karam
  • Elham Abi Rached